Willwood System Hitches & Racks for Porsche Automobiles

Hitches & Racks for Porsche® Automobiles


Willwood System

The Willwood System is solid, well-made, efficient, and aesthetically befitting a Porsche®.  Extensive hand detail gives each part an excellent finish quality.  All parts receive durable and oxidation resistant medium-gloss black polyurethane powder coat paint.

Well over 500 of these systems have been sold, dating back to 1998; never a problem, not a complaint — everyone has been quite pleased, both with the product and the service.

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Will has been a mechanical engineer (BSME) for 30 years.   His experience includes structural steel design and detailing.  His eleven years of work at the leading trailer hitch manufacturer included hitches and racks; and as head of research and development, he designed and developed what became industry-leading automotive oil coolers, fan clutches, and electric fans.  He has been an avid auto, motorcycle, and bicycle enthusiast for 35 years

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Willwood System is an independent manufacturer of hitches and bicycle racks for vehicles.  Porsche® is not affiliated with Willwood System and does not sponsor or endorse our products.  All Porsche® marks, names and model numbers referenced herein are owned by Dr. Ing. h.e.F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft.